TDM Family Services, LLC

Providing Home, Hope, Healing and True Defining Moments in the lives of abused and neglected children and teens in North Carolina.

During their stay at TDM Family Services, children receive the utmost comprehensive care from the most basic of needs including nutritious meals, clothing, personal care items, and educational support to more advanced mental health care all in a spacious, home-like environment.

Every child deserves a childhood...

Our residential homes afford the children not only a newfound sense of comfort and security but also many opportunities to play and be carefree. They engage in many outdoor activities including a myriad of sports, bicycling, gardening, and nature exploration. The children attend public school and participate in a wide variety of both on and off-campus recreational, cultural, and social activities. Therapeutic services and enrichment activities raise self-esteem and build coping skills in an accepting and empowering manner.